Saturday, November 10, 2007

The Lipizzaner Stallions

My husband was given four free tickets (courtesy of WLOB Talk Radio) to the Lipizzaner Stallion Show in Augusta a little over a week ago. Below are the oldest four girls (l to r): Katie age 11, Sarah age 11¾, Lauren age 9¾, and Brittany age 12¾. All are horse fanatics and have taken or will take riding lessons. Of course, we ended up buying two more tickets.. one for me and one for my mother as the girls obviously couldn't go alone. My mom forgot her digital camera but we picked up a disposable one.. hence the really bad picture quality. We did have great seats though! THANK YOU, WLOB!

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Silvia said...

We got to see them about a year ago in Charlottesville, VA. They were really beautiful!